Astera Consulting was founded by two creative, multicultural and result-driven business women who love to help entrepreneurs and small businesses pave their success path,  settling for nothing less than a vision made true.

The love for helping people and businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit grew stronger after we got our MBAs. The desire to spread our knowledge, share our entrepreneurial experiences and develop creative and results-driven solutions to people experiencing the exact same issues we knew so well, shaped this uncontrollable desire to create a positive impact in our business landscape. We found overworked and overwhelmed business owners with great ideas and potential, but with few resources and countless constraints.


From the Greek word Asteri, meaning star, Astera  was born to guide the entrepreneurs, creators and innovators of our society who seek direction, a solid plan and execution assistance to succeed and live their dreams. We are here to make business growth accessible, simple, solid and fun. 

We are here to be your partners in GROWTH!



Andrea Melero

MBA, Founder & CEO

An MBA with extensive experience in multiple business roles and industries, our CEO is passionate about innovation, business and marketing strategy as well as excellence in their implementation. She strives to maintain an environment of cultural synergies, shared knowledge and continuous growth from her diverse background investing, managing and consulting for Publishing, Education, Food and Beverage, Packaged Goods, Beauty, Arts and Non-Profit organizations.

Melissa Ventura

MBA, Co-Founder & CMO

Melissa holds an MBA degree from the University of Washington and brings to Astera nearly 22 years of experience as a successful business owner, manager and consultant across different industries, such as Hospitality, Relocation, Retail, Online Gaming and Arts.

Leonardo Chagas.png
Leonardo Chagas


International Marketing Consultant

Leonardo is a business acceleration consultant specialized on innovation, design thinking and mega trends for effective implementation of international marketing and sales initiatives.

With more than 17 years of multi-country experience in Business Development, Marketing Intelligence, Sales and Project Management and Digital transformation, he has delivered bottom-line results in companies such as Citibank, Santander Bank, Renault Bank and Jaguar Land Rover.

Independent Marketing Consultant

An enthusiastic marketer and fashion lover with an artistic and keen eye for trends especially in the digital environment, Tais focuses on creating and enhancing brand identity and power for our clients bringing experience working in a variety of marketing and sales roles such as market research, brand design, customer experience, promotions and sales management. 

Daniele Gemignani


Product Development and Project Management Consultant

Coming from the tech field, Daniele specialized in Product Management at the University of Berkeley, having developed a deep knowledge on Agile Methodologies and Lean principles. For 17 years she has been focusing on developing processes to reduce time-to-market, increase team's morale and engagement, and minimize waste. Her goal is to help organizations deliver products that delight users in industries such as E-commerce, Advertising, Financial and Ride-sharing. Daniele is also a certified as Scrum Master, Product Owner, Kanban, Design Thinking, Visual Thinking, Coaching and NLP Master Practitioner.


Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners start and grow their businesses by giving them time and knowledge to focus on what they love doing the most.


Our vision is to is to become the main partner and comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs seeking high quality and streamlined strategic guidance, marketing services and operational support in a warm, collaborative and multi-cultural environment.



- To our customers -

Empower entrepreneurs and small business owners to accomplish their goals and compete fairly

Become a reference for minority-owned and multi-cultural businesses

Continuously learn and share knowledge

Keep creativity and an open-mind to new ideas, markets and approaches


- To our company -

Strive for and provide work-life balance and flexibility

Create healthy and collaborative business practices and environment

Be truthful, honest, helpful, collaborative and giving

Aim for excellence. ALWAYS.


- To the world -

Positively impact our global community

Create an environmentally and socially conscious business

Strive for Level 5 Leadership and Management for excellence

Leverage diversity as a strength and be mindful of its obstacles.